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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

wee~~~~ ^^

My family starting to ask if i have special friend..haha.. lol... they even give green light ady for the criterias needed. But I'm not ready le... im still attached to my lappy. XD I really want to say I wait for a Korean guy wor...haha... opps!... #^^#

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

King Baker: Kim Tak Gu

I just finished watching this drama so called King Baker: Kim Tak Gu 3 days ago (5th of December). I really love the drama. The drama is full wiith emotions and anticipation. You may find the happiness, the sadness, eagerness, nervousness, or angriness together with the actors and the actresses in this drama. Besides that, all the actors and actresses are so dedicated with theiracting which makes this drama a big success. No wonder it became the best drama in 2010 with 50.8% viewership rating in Korea. =D
      I would like to tell a bit about what is this drama about and why half of Koreans watch this drama... hehe... Gu Il Jong, the president of Geo Seong, a company which manufactures breads and buns get married with Seo In Sook as he respected his mother choice for his wife. However, their marriage never been blessed with a son. Seo In Sook gave birth to two daughters which made Gu Il Jong's mother to be disappointed. Gu Il Jong was also very disappointed as he really wants a son. The night when Seo In Sook is still at hospital, he slept with Jung Mi Sun, a servant in the household of Geo Seong. As for Seo In Sook, she seek a fortune teller and he told her that she will never have a son with her husband but she will have a son if it is from another man. As she getting worried with the current situation she did not think much and seduces Manager Han Seung Jae, Gu Il Jong's friend since childhood in order to be pregnant with a son. A few months later, Seo In Sook found out that Mi Sun is pregnant with her husband's child. She started to plan evil plots with Manager Han to get rid of Mi Sun's baby. However, luck is with Mi Sun. The baby is safe and is given the name of Tak Gu, according to Gu Il Jong's wish. Seo In Sook gave birth to a son too, given a name as Gu Ma Jun.
   Here, the conflicts started. After 12 years, Kim Tak Gu was sent to Geo Seong household as Mi Sun hopes that by having him together with his father, he will be safe from any danger especially from the bad deeds of Manager Han and Seo In Sook. Here, I almost cry seeing how Tak Gu cried for his mother as he was separated from his own mother and left at unfamiliar place to live. However, he never lose hope. Although the people in Geo Seong household never acknowledge him as the member of the family, he tried his best to be strong. But he went out from the house when Manager Han made a deal with him saying that he will be able to reunite with his mother if he go out from the household. So, Tak Gu made his decision and went out from the house without telling anybody, searching for his mother. However, it is too late. Someone kidnapped his mother and she fell from a cliff. Nobody knows wheteher she is dead or still alive. Tak Gu, a faithful son never tired of searching and keep searching evrywhere for his mother.
    Then after 14 years, Kim Tak Gu came to Pal Bong bakery and he learns how to make breads. Unexpectedly, there is also Gu Ma Jun who unrevealed his true identity saying he is Seo Tae Jo. As Ma Jun, knows it is Tak Gu, he hates Tak Gu and always pick fights with him. He always think that because of Tak Gu, he never get any attention or recognition from his own father. There are so many things happen between them etc. Later, Tak Gu reunite with his father. This part is also touching. ='). Gu Il Jong cried as he eat the bread made by Kim Tak Gu. I can imagine how happy he was for being able to fing his own son after such a long time. After knowing that Tak Gu is back, Seo In Sook and Manager Han tried their best to get Ma Jun to take a hold of company's administration. However, they failed as Mi Sun returned and make their plans in chaos. At the end, of course Tak Gu reunite with his mother. After so many hardships, they are able to be together once again.
    At last, Manager Han was captured by police when he tried to kill Tak Gu by throwing him from the uppest ground of Geo Seong company. Surprisingly, neither Ma Jun or Tak Gu take place as the president of Geo Seong but their eldest sister did. Ma Jun started to open his heart towards Tak Gu and live happily with Shin Yoo Kyung, his wife which is originally Tak Gu's girlfriend. Lol... Why not Yoo Kyung with Tak Gu? It's all due to revenge, Yoo Kyung gave up Tak Gu and jeopardize her life to be in Geo Seong household and take revenge towards Seo In Sook. For Tak Gu, he is getting together with the daughter of the owner of Pal Bong bakery.
    It's a happy ending. I cried, laughed and feel the anger together with the actors for these few days. I really enjoyed this drama... ^^

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Naega jeongmal saranghanda, Pororo yah... ^^

Falling in love with Pororo.... Cute little friends... ^^

Some of the videos.... ^^

Again, it's about mumbling

     Being a full housewife might sound not that bad, but what is the reason of having high distinction in studies if at the end, the life mostly will be at house after marriage? At least get a diploma or degree or if you like you can get master degree but that's it. You cannot aim high than having that certificates. You may work as you desire but once you step into marriage life, that will be the end of your career. They said, to find a good husband, you must be fully educated. However, I am wondering... what is the use of the knowledge that we gained through our hardships after the marriage if we only sit there and continue the life by managing households? Is the education certifications or achievements just a ticket to get a desirable traits of husband? After that, we can throw it or keep it in the wardrobe for decades, unused? Is it means that once you are married to a decent husband, then fine! go and enjoy your life doing nothing. Be a good wife by being with his side always. Meaning to say, be a typical traditional way of a married woman.  Here is another interesting fact, a son only need to put step one way ahead and they can get high positions in a company whereas for a daughter, she needs to crawl from the bottom and when she reached the professional level, it is still impossible to be acknowledged the same as a son. I am quite disappointed as in this era, such inequality still happens  in society.
     Hmm.... just expressing my thought. Still curious how the life and society evolve around me.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Expression of life.

It is war....
Dear heart, please be stronger,
Poisons are trying to end your beating.
I don't know how long it will take for me to cry,
before I can breathe and smile.
Dear soul, you never can gives up after all the hardships,
Patience is the only hope for the end of sufferings.
Dear time, please helps to soothe the burden,
as it is going to be a tiring journey.
Dear body, please remains longer for the victory,
As there are hope,
we will believe there is light ahead.

p/s: It's such a long time since I wrote my last piece of art. I feel great after writing this piece. =)