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Thursday, December 6, 2012

this is a story of history of life

it's been quite a long time i did not write anything here. :)

today i learn about the history of my family. it's very interesting. It sounds like a drama but it really occurred though. I listened and enchanted by the stories of how their heartbreaking life brought us to what we are now. having to learn about this, i have concern on our relatives from great great grandma side in Hong Kong. are they, the what so-called long line of relatives still exist? if it is not, are their descendants still remember on how their ancestors separated during the critical era and emigrated to other country in the hope of finding better future? it makes me think, on how life always create awesome stories within it. :)

p/s: about the communist story, i still can't stop smiling and laughing while thinking about it. *wink~

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another winter in KKIA

I am spending my time eating, drinking and watching dramas while waiting for 7.50pm. It is so damn cold here... How come no snow formed? XD

doing nothing...quite bored...haha

it's cold... a hot drink to soothe the coldness

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

and another insane confession

1 more paper!!!!!!!
palli palli palli come to omma!!!

haha... no mood to study yet im having the exam tomorrow...
instead of studying, I end up doing manicure.

left hand side

right hand side

materials needed... [mind my PSV notes, :D]

Saturday, November 3, 2012


can't stop listening...
and what i think rite now
i will choose a guy who knows how to play a cello, so that he will play it for me every day.... :D

ouch, i'm addicted to cello! >.<

Friday, November 2, 2012

To walk or....?

I don't wanna be someone who walks away so easily
I'm here to stay and make the difference that I can make
Our differences they do a lot to teach us how to use
The tools and gifts we got, yeah, we got a lot at stake
And in the end, you're still my friend at least we did intend
For us to work we didn't break, we didn't burn
We had to learn how to bend without the world caving in
I had to learn what I've got, and what I'm not, and who I am


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

mengarut time pagi buta...

mcm exam kali ni la yg paling aku malas... -,-"

dengan selesema dan sakit kerongkong yg tiba2 menyerang

cermin mata yang patah...

ah ngam la tu....

cukup buat mood belajar pudar

harap2 baik2 sahaja la pointer kelak... aish~

mcm semua dibuat endah tak endah...

pa pe pun, aku tak sabar nak balik.. sekian.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


You said I'm the strongest among all of them.
but I'm not.
I cried alone when people are not looking
and I always hide that sadness between the smiles

Sorry to disappoint you.

Friday, October 26, 2012

from afar...

it seems like i don't care, but i do care.
it seems like i don't feel anything, but i do feel.
and I thought I'm strong enough to face this
but I realized now that I'm not.

p/s: please get well soon.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Summary of the week

Jubli Intan has ended successfully on Thursday. We had lot of fun and I'm glad we got persembahan terbaik for malam muzikal Kent. Dikir Barat has won. All hard works were paid... :) Guru terbaik, hey! guru terbaik~ Now, the focus is more to the preparation for exam. Empty files are going to be filled. Empty brain is going to be stuffed with information and knowledge...

p/s: anyway, it feels weird not to have pack schedules...feels like something is missing... maybe i'm used to hectic lifestyles that started since a few months ago... :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

bila lidah tiada bait kata, hati bermadah di tinta

andai takut dilambung ombak
jangan bermain air laut

andai dunia umpama berkata
telah  digapai segala cita

tatkala satria pohon pujangga
maafkan adinda beredar darinya
kelat dirasa, biarlah menggunung
janji terpatri, disemai di hati

andai di jiwa teguh baktinya
nescaya pelangi terbit di suatu ketika

Friday, October 12, 2012

that feeling

That feeling when your ex asking what is the importance of having couple.... =.=
that is a weird question to be asked to your own ex though we are good friends now.
I might know what is the reason and this brings a weird feeling within but I think I should ignore it.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Thoughts on Saturday

Hye-o! Spend my Saturday with plentiful rest. Sleep for the whole day and wake up at almost night.... >.< this is what i call taking revenge towards the CRAZY weeks before. day was cancelled. Suddenly they realized it is TYT's birthday... but it doesn't affect me much though... there was no current during the afternoon while i'm in my hibernation, but who cares... the sleepiness is too much overwhelming. Only left 2 more kkp and after that let's call it semi-freedom. Ugh, can't wait for holiday... missing them so much that I think it was almost unbearable. Worried for some extend, when our dear ones might not be able to stay longer. But for now, I'm starting to accept that fact and move on. How many more should I endure, I don't know. I hope I am strong enough to face any consequences later. For the time being, I don't want to think much...

Monday, October 1, 2012

Hellish week

Sigh... week of problems passed... family matters, study matters, personal matters.... everything hit right on the deck and yes, I almost break down... Almost going crazy in that week. Now, left with a few more works, and then the preparation for exam will begin. Gonna get through these before going back home. >.<

p/s: not saying anything, doesn't mean there is nothing...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


one problem and then another one is coming..and so on and so forth... just kill me then... maybe that's the only way to make you satisfied...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A word for you...

I send this prayer to where ever you are... I know you have a great courage  and you are strong enough to face this test. God will always stay with you. Don't shed anymore tears. It's time to smile and face this cruel days. I believe you can do it, and I believe you will get through it. Don't ever think the bad side. Remember we will always try to find the best we could. Till then, be patient and have faith.

I really miss the way you laugh and how you make my day...  I can't wait for you to wake up and smile again dear... :')

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Honestly, this is a piece of hell... @.@ having to do work in this kind of situation. Bet me, I don't even know if I get to think wisely or not.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

This is a war

When everything starts to be hanky panky, this mind seems to be tangled, haywired. After this is another camping and it's in the middle of peak tiime for assignments and all sort of activities. Gotta be prepared for this coming camping... It's gonna be another tiring week... >.<

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nonsense of trifles

The assignments are calling out my names, but I kept ignoring them... Poor them... ;D  Since last week, my new hobby is not watching Korean dramas but more to sleeping now... What the... the world is really going to turn upside down..

Another camping is going to tumble my life down next week... This time it will be BIG social camping. May God bless every step I make during that camp... I'm worrying about communication with people there... Ok, what sort of trifle I am worrying about? @.@"

p/s: I understand the future ahead is going to be far more challenging. I have to make sure I am on the safe track... >.<

Which road to take?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Camping 27-30th August 2012

I'm back... I've been busy lately with my UB camping starting from Monday to Thursday. Well, the camping is fun though it was very tiring to the center of my bone. It was a great time to get to know people better and yes, to let myself have some exercises. There are many moments that I think I will not forget to the end of my life.. And hey, now I have achieved something valuable from the camp.. Never lose hope. I really in the merge of losing hope while Kembara activity. Just imagine to walk for more than 12 km and without enough water in a very hot weather... @.@ Not only that, there are blisters on both of my feet and its painful every time I step on the road. Anyway, I'm glad I was able to get through this moments.
  Tired? Yes, extremely. I was too tired to the extend of no appetite to eat. Feel sad everytime I have to throw unfinished food, but what to do as if I force myself to eat more, I might end up vomiting. The third and the fourth day of the camping, I can feel the urge to get rest. I started to lose my focus and I still remember how bad my focus was during the marching practise. Everything seems out of order and my mood unstable. However, the most important thing is I survived this camping. After the camp, I really spend most of my time to sleep. But now, I have another problem. I havent started my coursework... Oh damn! >.<"

Friday, August 17, 2012

Listening to the sound of clock

White coffee... sorry, I gulped the coffee ady... haha..
It's the last day of my SBE. What a day as today we spent only around 30 minutes at the school. But, don't worry.. I have prepared the letter and has been given the permission to go back early. After that, rush rush rush and finally we set off to KK at almost 9am. Reach at KKIA at around 10am and check in. Eat my brunch and now I'm currently at Merrybrown, waiting for my departure. I feel very sleepy and I bought a cup of white coffee.. Thank God, now I feel energized... I don't have enough sleep yesterday...approximately 3 hours but I will redeem it by tonight... Can't wait to be at my room... @.@

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bla bla bla before holiday

"No! You can't do this! Please stop it before it's getting worse...", said the brain but the heart don't want to compromise... >.<

Anyway, it's going to be a week holiday and my SBE is reaching it's end by tomorrow. Will miss ya SK. Malangang.

Lastly, happy holiday and Selamat Hari Raya! =)

At least I have a week to make sure that composure to come back and erase the shouldn't. But, I'm still not sure if that can be called shouldn't or I'm being too strict with myself...

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Deep insight of a gisaeng life

That deep hatred, it means deep love
                                - Hwang Jin Yi-

A gisaeng lives in her own class.
A gisaeng can never be in peace
May it love, may it happiness
It's too far to be reach

Though she may have a gisaeng husband
she is still a woman belongs to all men
They live with aristocracy mind
But slave they still

May she has a daughter
A gisaeng she will be
May she has a son
A slave he will be

----- END -----

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Movie, movie and movie

I watched The three stoogers, Total recall, and step up revolution in one day and the day is today.. Oh my, this experience is awesome.

In Malaysia, this movie was released in August 9.

my second movie for today
and this was my third movie for today...
P/S: I enjoyed myself and it is time to get back to work.... @.@

Monday, August 6, 2012


Maybe you are the one
but I prefer time decides for itself.
Let the past be concealed
And when that day come
I promise,
No hesitation..

If there is what so called fate
I'll accept it
And towards that day
I'm holding in
To remind myself
Life is full of imperfection.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Anti-club.... LOL

Kau memang menjengkelkan... Itu je yang terungkap.... Sorry for labelling, but it's the truth! Paku dulang paku serpih, mengata orang dia yang lebih... dah la talam dua muka.... cakap tak serupa bikin..... merungut jak lebih... bengong! Nak percaya, dah terlontar jauh dah,sorry... nak tengok pun dah macam tak sudi dah... ada jak yang menyakitkan hati...eeeeiiiii~~~
p/s: sabar je la wahai hati....sudah takdir terjumpa orang begini....

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Insight of Seni dalam pendidikan 19/7/2012

We made some origami at the class today... It's fun and we feel stress feeling from all hard works... =)

Simple origami of a hanbok and a lotus

lotus from upper view

hanbok origami =D

lotus again... with some camera effects

hanbok, lotus and friends... ^^
Credit to Jessicca and Thecla and me for being very dedicated in making various types of origami.... ^^

My sun

Dear sun,
it's getting colder than ever
will you stop by
and make this soil warm

It's getting damp and full of water
the fragrance of spring loosen
sweeping away the cherished wood

Monday, July 16, 2012

Queen In Hyun's Man... must watch!! =D

So far, this is the best drama I watched in 2012, ...I love how the plot of this drama being carried out... it's not the same storyline as other dramas... love, one sided love, three people fighting for love or whatsoever... it's a story of true love indeed. Beware, your heart might feel frustrated or impatient while watching this drama... it's all due to eagerness to know what the fate will be for two people who are lost in time, memories and death... In confusion of what I am saying? well, you better check it out for yourself...

"the last wish I want to have is to remember you; i may forget or this letter may disappear forever, but if you have a chance to read this letter in the future, I pray that you will never know that the one I mentioned in this letter is you" - Kim Bong Du

Saturday, July 14, 2012


i wish i can break those into pieces... i really wish that to happen.... wonder when can I be free, far from the fake and grab my wisdom... it's only a hope, isn't it? =)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Sexy, Free, Single ^.~

Every single day I try      정말 거의 다 왔어

We get closer to a good time     시련들에 Say goodbye

Sexy, Free & Single     이제 준비는 완료

Sexy, Free & Single     I’m ready too, Bingo

헤이 누구나 쉽사리 갖는 건

재미없잖아 좀 더 높게 세게


위에서 봐. 견뎌낸 자가 깨닫게

되는 것 좀 더 버텨 버텨


내 사람아 사람아 날 더 믿어줘

난 드디어 Wake up 수면위로

긴 시련에 더 깊어져 나다워져

이젠 Upgrade 다음 단계로 나가 오

숨이 차게 달려와 멋지게 끝낸

그대 Have a good time

오늘만큼 Party time

가슴이 요동치는 승리를 맛 봐

이제는 Have a good time

누가 그댈 막겠나 오

Sexy, Free & Single
I’m ready too, Bingo
Sexy, Free & Single
I’m ready too, Bingo

역시 불리한 확률에 맞서      겁내지 말고

역시 불리한 확률은  끝도 안 봐도 Bingo

무겁다고 무섭다고 포기하지는 마

이제부터가 진짜 나나나나나나

누구나 한번쯤 다 겪어 보는 것뿐

We fail, We lose, To win
두려워하지 말아

내 사람아 사람아 난 더강해졌어 Yeah!

드디어 우리

Time for romance

더 멋진 꿈을 향해 또 날아가겠어

다시 Upgrade 지켜봐, 맡겨봐

난 점점 대담해 지는걸

Sexy, Sexy, Sexy
이 거친 세상을 마주 한 채     Too hot

준비된 자만 아는걸

Sexy, Sexy, Sexy
여긴 끝도 없는 변수만큼

Have fun 3. 2. 1 Go

숨이 차게 달려와 멋지게 끝낸

그대 Have a good time

오늘만큼 Party time

가슴이 요동치는 승리를 맛 봐

이제는 Have a good time

누가 그댈 막겠나 오

Sexy, Free & Single
난 좀 괜찮은 남자

Sexy, Free & Single
넌 좀 대단한 남자

역시 불리한 확률에 맞서겁내지 말고

역시 불리한 확률은 끝도 안 봐도 Bingo

이 세상 끝에서 또 한 번 숨을 돌리고

날 지켜준 사람 소중한 믿음을 간직해 기대해도 좋아

Let’s go

Sexy, Free & Single
I’m ready too, Bingo
Sexy, Free & Single
I’m ready too, Bingo

숨이 차게 달려와 멋지게 끝낸

그대 Have a good time

오늘만큼 Party time

가슴이 요동치는 승리를 맛 봐

이제는 Have a good time

누가 그댈 막겠나 오

Sexy, Free & Single
I’m ready too, Bingo


Every single day I try jeong mal geo i da wa sseo
We get closer to a good time shi ryeon deu re Say goodbye.
Sexy, Free & Single i je jun bi neun wal lyo.
Sexy, Free & Single I’m ready too, Bingo
Hey! Nu gu na swip sa ri gan neun geon jae mi eop ja na jom deo nop ge, se ge la la la la la la
Wi e seo bwa. Gyeon dyeo naen ja ga ggae dat ge dwae neun geot jom deo beo tyeo, beo tyeo la la la la la la
Nae sa ra ma, sa ra ma nal deo mi deo jwo. Nan deu di eo Wake up su myeon wi ro
Gin shi ryeo ne deo gi peo jyeo na da wo jyeo. I jen Upgrade da eum dan gye ro na ga oh-
*Su mi cha ge dal lyeo wa meot ji ge ggeun naen geu dae Have a good time o neul man keum Party time
Ga seu mi yo dong chi neun seung ni reul mat bwa i je neun Have a good time nu ga geu dael mak gen na? Oh-
**Sexy, Free & Single I’m ready too, Bingo
Sexy, Free & Single I’m ready too, Bingo
Yeok shi bul li han hwang nyu re mat seo geom ni mal go
Yeok shi bul li han hwang nyu reun ggeut do an bwa do Bingo
Mu geop da go, mu seop da go po gi ha ji neun ma i je bu teo ga jin jja na na na na na na
Nu gu na han beon jjeum da ggyeo ggeo bo neun geot bbun We fail, We lose, To win du ryeo wo ha ji ma ra
Nae sa ra ma, sa ra ma nan deo gang hae jyeo sseo. Yeah! Deu di eo u ri Time for romance.
Deo meot jin ggu meul hyang hae ddo na ra ga ge sseo. Da shi Upgrade ji kyeo bwa, mat gyeo bwa.
Nan jeom jeom dae dam hae ji neun geol. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy
I geo chin se sang eul ma ju han chae Too hot-
Jun bi dwaen ja man a neun geol. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy
Yeo gin ggeut do eom neun byeon su man keum Have fun 3. 2. 1 Go!
*Su mu cha ge dal lyeo wa meot ji ge ggeun naen geu dae Have a good time o neul man keum Party time
Ga seu mi yo dong chi neun seung ni reul mat bwa i je neun Have a good time nu ga geu dael mak gen na? Oh-
**Sexy, Free & Single nan jom gwaen cha neun nam ja
Sexy, Free & Single neon jom dae dan han nam ja
Yeok shi bul lu han hwang nyu re mat seo geom nae ji mal go
Yeok shi bul li han hwang nyu re ggeut do an bwa do Bingo
I se sang ggeu te seo ddo han beon su meul dol li go
Nal ji kyeo jun sa ram so jung han mi deu meul gan jik hae gi dae hae do jo a. Let’s go!
**Sexy, Free & Single I’m ready too, Bingo
Sexy, Free & Single I’m ready too, Bingo
*Su mi cha ge dal lyeo wa meot ji ge ggeun naen geu dae Have a good time o neul man keum Party time
Ga seu mi yo dong chi neun seung ni reul mat bwa i je neun Have a good time nu ga geu dael mak gen na? Oh-
Sexy, Free & Single I’m ready too, Bingo


Every single day I try, I really am almost there
We get closer to a good time, Say goodbye to all the hardships.
Sexy, Free & Single now the preparation is complete.
Sexy, Free & Single I’m ready too, Bingo
Hey! It’s no fun if anyone can take you with ease. A bit higher, stronger la la la la la la
Look above. It will dawn on the one who’s been withstanding. Endure, endure a bit more la la la la la la
My person, my person, believe me more. Finally I Wake up above my slumber
I become deeper, more like me after the long harship. Now I’m heading to the next stage of Upgrade Oh-
*Run till you’re out of breath, you who is so awesome. Have a good time, it’s Party time on a day like today
Have a taste of the victory that jolts your heart. Now Have a good time, who will stop you? Oh-
**Sexy, Free & Single I’m ready too, Bingo
Sexy, Free & Single I’m ready too, Bingo
Also, when you stand unfavorable chances, don’t be afraid
Also, even when the unfavorable chances don’t seem to end, Bingo
Don’t give up saying it’s heavy, it’s heavy. It’s the real thing from now on na na na na na na
It’s just something everyone would experience once. We fail, We lose, To win. Don’t be afraid
My person, my person, I’ve become stronger. Yeah! Finally it’s our Time for romance.
Again I will fly toward a greater dream. Another Upgrade, just watch me, leave it to me.
I’m getting more and more daring. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy
While facing this harsh world Too hot-
Something only the one who is ready knows. Sexy, Sexy, Sexy
As much as the endless variables there are here, Have fun 3. 2. 1 Go!
*Run till you’re out of breath, you who is so awesome. Have a good time, it’s Party time on a day like today
Have a taste of the victory that jolts your heart. Now Have a good time, who will stop you? Oh-
**Sexy, Free & Single I’m a fine man
Sexy, Free & Single You’re an amazing man
Also, when you stand unfavorable chances, don’t be afraid
Also, even when the unfavorable chances don’t seem to end, Bingo
At the end of this world, I try to catch my breath again
I treasure the precious trust of people who’ve watched over me, so anticipate. Let’s go!
**Sexy, Free & Single I’m ready too, Bingo
Sexy, Free & Single I’m ready too, Bingo
*Run till you’re out of breath, you who is so awesome. Have a good time, it’s Party time on a day like today
Have a taste of the victory that jolts your heart. Now Have a good time, who will stop you? Oh-
Sexy, Free & Single I’m ready too, Bingo

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

IF - TAEYEON [unbeatable song]

만약에 내가 간다면 내가 다가간다면
manyage naega gandamyeon naega dagagandamyeon
넌 어떻게 생각할까 용기 낼 수 없고
neon eotteoke saenggakhalkka yonggi nael su eopgo
만약에 니가 간다면 니가 떠나간다면
manyage niga gandamyeon niga tteonagandamyeon
널 어떻게 보내야할지 자꾸 겁이 나는걸
neol eotteoke bonaeyahalji jakku geobi naneungeol
내가 바보같아서 바라볼 수 밖에만 없는건 아마도
naega babogataseo barabol su bakkeman eomneungeon amado
외면 할지도 모를 니 마음과 또 그래서 더 멀어질 사이가 될까봐
oemyeon haljido moreul ni maeumgwa tto geuraeseo deo meoreojil saiga doelkkabwa
정말 바보같아서 사랑한다하지 못하는건 아마도
jeongmal babogataseo saranghandahaji motaneungeon amado
만남뒤에 기다리는 아픔에 슬픈 나날들이 두려워서인가봐
mannamdwie gidarineun apeume seulpeun nanaldeuri duryeowoseoingabwa
만약에 니가 온다면 니가 다가온다면
manyage niga ondamyeon niga dagaondamyeon
난 어떻게 해야만 할지 정말 알수 없는걸
nan eotteoke haeyaman halji jeongmal alsu eomneungeol
내가 바보같아서 바라볼 수 밖에만 없는건 아마도
naega babogataseo barabol su bakkeman eomneungeon amado
외면 할지도 모를 니 마음과 또 그래서 더 멀어질 사이가 될까봐
oemyeon haljido moreul ni maeumgwa tto geuraeseo deo meoreojil saiga doelkkabwa
정말 바보같아서 사랑한다하지 못하는건 아마도
jeongmal babogataseo saranghandahaji motaneungeon amado
만남 뒤에 기다리는 아픔에 슬픈 나날들이 두려워서인가봐
mannam dwie gidarineun apeume seulpeun nanaldeuri duryeowoseoingabwa
내가 바보같아서 사랑한다하지 못하는건 아마도
naega babogataseo saranghandahaji motaneungeon amado
만남 뒤에 기다리는 아픔에 슬픈 나날들이 두려워서인가봐
mannam dwie gidarineun apeume seulpeun nanaldeuri duryeowoseoingabwa

p/s:to know you is a gift, but you are my poison too

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New era of evolution

My blog seems to be totally different than before. This time, I'm not using the theme of nature but more focused on the theme of 'kawaii'. hehe... I still keep the old widgets but I'm adding a few new ones. Hoho... Love this design for thy blog... =D

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Itchy hands

I have a thought of starting back. One thing that I let go since a few years ago... Suddenly the idea pop up and these hands seems to be itchy to do this. It feels awkward to start back what you left for a long time already. I can feel that my brain rust to the core... seems stuck here and there... but if there is a will, there is a way right? ;)  Never too late to start over again...

p/s: A note to knock a completely sealed door.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

On the way to 1st of June 2012

I came back from my village on last Sunday.. for visiting to our longhouse, as we are not going to spend Gawai there for this Gawai... There are many faces that seems unfamiliar to me... [my cousins's children]'s really a long time I haven't been there.
Barbecuing at our house in Bintangor...there are chicken wings, pork and biawak [i forgot it's english name..hehe]. Having so much fun and I had the opportunity to try Biawak's liver for the first time... My comment: Not bad... =) [quite exotic la the taste..haha] Before the barbeque, my family went to our ancestor's grave site for cleaning while my cousin and I are responsible for the cleaning of the house.. Pheww, so much to clean up but it's a worth... =)
For this Gawai, I'm going to spend my Gawai in Kuching.[previous Gawai was in Miri.. =) ] Hehe... Need to packing again... >.< So, that's all for now... there are many things to be prepared... Yeehaa~~

Friday, May 25, 2012

Unforgettable flight

I went back home today this evening around 7.15. My flight seems to be much earlier than the supposed time, 7.35pm. Well, then inside the plane, we were informed about heavy downpour in Sibu..but I thought it is just an usual one....
8.50pm... the co-pilot informed us that we were reaching Sibu...but, due to extremely heavy downpour and thunder and lightning near that area, we were informed that there are also two other aeroplanes that are flying around 30 miles from the heavy downpour area... and we were going to do the same thing until the weather is much better.
9.15pm... ok, the most heart jumping part. the flight seems shaking quite a lot... and I can see the lightning around the heavy clouds... I only can say.. "Wow.." @.@
9.20pm.... yup, finally the flight landed safely though the rain are still quite heavy... at least I'm safe... I'm glad...

10.30pm... officially at home~
Happy holiday~ ^^

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mumbling on Sunday night

It's hot even after you took your bath, you sweat after a few minutes later.. LOL... gotta start doing the revision rite now though it might not stick inside my head... at least I get to remember some main points.... Gambatehkudasai ne Regina-chan... >.<

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Who are you? It's a big '?'

I found out about this since a few weeks ago. Who is that anonymous? And why that person did that? Why that person never fail to do so? It's weird. I not know who you really are, but it seems you know too much about me... Who are you? It's a big question mark...

Friday, May 18, 2012

Gibberish on summer heat

Hey, I felt this since more than a week ago. It went up to be this chronic stage where I really can't stand it anymore. Why? Becoz I miss my precious sleep.. .
This 'summer' is really really hot. Even nights made my sleep sleepless. I tried many things to cool down, but none last for a long time... I even dream about sleeping in a bathtub full of cold water. @.@ This 'kemarau' things made me feel dizzy and demotivated to do my revision.... >.<
Ok, that's it for now...What a thing for gibberish. [Mode: hot afternoon in not cold at all room]

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ripple effect

Ok, what should I call this... ripple effect?? Regret of gulping down nescafe a few hours ago... My eyes still as bright as owl. Never min... at least I got my sleeping hours during noon time. I tried to recall back what I read and... well... yeah... it's distributing itself here and there... [most of them misplaced themselves in my brain] at least i get the rough ideas prepared for 'cooking session'.
My comment: No good.. >.< [What am I blabbering nonsense here?]
Anyway, goodnight! Annyeong~

Prepared or not... it's a '?'

Happy ending? =) Anyway, congratulation for your achievement. I'm striving too. I might kill my nights and zombie'ing my days... Honestly, no regret for not taking my revision seriously. Lol... I know how powerful the spirit of 'last minute'... haha... PEACE! ^^

Sunday, May 6, 2012

1st day of revision week

Going to class for a few hours and have brunch. Going back to hostel and sleep and now I am awake. Printing and printing... I'm getting bored with this printing tasks with the inks that never ever left me alone in peace... @.@ haha.. anyway, my files are almost ready for revision... need to put some more then it will be done for MQA... not much time left for leisure and there will be a big war coming ahead... [In the mode of familiarizing myself with those exam oriented things. LOL]

Funny little puppets

It is Sunday and I went for lunch. Then I take a walk to a few small stationary stores and I found many rare weird items with very affordable price. Looking here and there but finally I bought these... Cute and funny little puppets.. You just have to push the bottom of the puppet and it will dance.... ^^

Frog... cute right? ^^

lady birds

hen and rooster? hehe

sweet ants

two puppies

here we are... TADAA~~~ ^^

Friday, May 4, 2012

Outing 4th of May 2012

Im having fun today. Watching movie Avenger + Sushi eating (Sushi King). Nice movie...all superheroes combine their power to stop Loki's evil plans... p/s: Thor is handsome as always... haha.. love the Ironman... ^^  . After the movie, we went to Sushi King.. Tadaa...some of the sushi.....

Baby octopus sushi... ^^

Salmon sushi

Add caption

Salmon eggs sushi

Sweet tofu sushi

Fried Salmon/Unagi skin

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wishes that I hope can be true

I can't imagine how I'm going to face the test tomorrow... i malas ady to revise the kawad2 things... percaya takdir jak la kan... >.< Suddenly I'm thinking about future... ^^

Current status: Still in progress of improving reading skill. Not reading skill for English but Hangul...-.- haha
What I believe: When there is strong will in your heart, you can even overturn the world....

1) can read and understand hangul words, the meanings and the grammar
2) of course to go to the origin of Hangul, South Korea... haha, and buy a lot of hanbok and binyeo... ^^
3) of course I try to complete my study first, later try to complete my wishes. By then, I will try to get serious with lovey dovey things ok? haha [of course, my yeobo is Korean] <---- ada kes perasan sikit sini..haha
4) Keep a lot of money and get whatever things I want or going somewhere I want. [my dream car, my dream house, my dream life ^.~]
5) I can study what I really want and become what I really want. [hope this will not be just a dream]
6) migrate to Korea! [haha, i really wish this is a dream comes true]
7) I wish I can be there for forever.. [if you know what I mean although it seems a little bit absurd to think about]

Monday, April 23, 2012

그날이 오면

 Mi – Should that day comes…그날이 오면

하늘이 우릴 갈라나도
even if heaven spilt us up
난 그대뿐이죠
I only (love) her
세상이 우릴 떼어놔도
even if the world separates us
난 그대뿐이죠
I only (love) her
내 사랑이 그대를 선택한거
my love has chosen her
나 후회 안 해요
I do not regrets
내 사랑이 눈감는 그날까지
until the day our love fades
나 그대를 되찾을  그날이 오면
should the day that I find her back comes
영원토록 그대만 붙잡고 살래요
I want to grab hold of only her and live forever
나 그대 품에 안길 그날이 오면
should the day that I hug her in my arms come
그대 곁에 평생을 살래요
I want to live with her for the rest of my life
그날이 오면
should that day comes…
모두 우릴 두고 욕해도
even if everyone leaves us and swore at us
난 그댈 믿어요
I believe in her
모두 등지고 돌아서도
even if everyone turns their back on us
난 그댈 믿어요
I believe in her
그 누구도 우리의 사랑만은 멈출 수 없어요
nobody can stop our love
그 누구가 우리를 막으려 해도
even if someone tries to stop us
나 그대를 되찾을  그날이 오면
should the day that I find her back comes
영원토록 그대만 붙잡고 살래요
I want to grab hold of only her and live forever
나 그대 품에 안길 그날이 오면
should the day that I hug her in my arms come
그대 곁에 평생을 살래요
I want to live with her for the rest of my life
그날이 오면
should that day comes…
나 다시 태어나도 그대야 해요
I has got to be her even if I was to reborn
죽어서도 그대를 기다리며 살래요
even if I die, I will continue living while waiting for her
나 그대꺼라는 걸 외워두세요
please bear in mind that it has get to be her
저 하늘이 숨을 거둔대도
even if that heaven is to die
그 날이 오면
should that day comes…

Songs which made my heart dugeun dugeun

Some songs from the soundtracks of The Greatest Love and The Princess Man really caught my heart. One of my favourite song is 'I'm loving you today' by Baek Ji Young. This song is one of the soundtracks of The Princess Man.

Another song that caught my attraction is 'If that day will come'

For The Greatest Love, this song is really one of the best song that I ever heard... ^^ The song is Dont Forget Me by Heo Gak...

Too much love for those songs... 
p/s: i'll never forget Cha Seung Won ahjussi... [i should call him ahjussi right? haha]

Release tension...take a break...

 I've just found some funny dialogues in facebook.. Just sharing... ^^
Top 11 Ucapan Lucu & Terkenal Sammy Vellu (Lawak malam)

Berikut merupakan beberapa ucapan beliau yang menjadi kesukaan ramai.
1. Sammy Vellu mengomen tentang PosLaju. ‘Esok kirim, hari ini sampai’
2. Beliau menyatakan rasa malunya dalam sebuah rancangan TV. ‘Ini perkara sangat memalukan saya dan kemaluan saya sangat- sangat besar’
... 3. Dalam sebuah ceramah, beliau berucap. ‘Kita akan bina sebuah jambatan di kampung ini’. Tapi menurut seorang pakcik, ‘Kampung ini tiada sungai, buat apa bina jambatan,’ Datuk Samy menjawab, ‘Kalau tiada sungai, kita bina sungai’
4. Semasa krisis air, beliau berkongsipendapat. ‘Semua orang jangan buang air’
5. Apabila tol naik, beliau memberi komen. ‘Tol naik sikit, banyak marah saya. You ingat ini tol saya punya bapa punya kah?’
6. Semasa kempen derma darah di Sungai Siput. ‘Marilah kite semue menderme dare’
7. Semasa pembukaan majlis. ‘Selamat datang saudara-mara semua…’ (sepatutnya saudara saudari)
8. Semasa merasmikan sebuah majlis. ‘Dipersilakan Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz naik pentas untuk membuka kain’
9. Memberi komen berkaitan isu sosial. ‘Orang- orang mude suke menghisap dade’
10. Semasa kes Al-Arqam kian memuncak. ‘Saya gembira bahawadidapati tiada pemuda MIC terlibat dalam kes Arqam’
11. Menyambut kembalinya angkasawan ke bumi. ‘Kita bersyukur kerana angkasawan kita yang telah meninggal dunia selama 10 hari telah selamat dikebumi’

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Membatasi hemisfera pemikiran..

Kelemahan manusia
Azali ia tercipta
Ungkaplah beribu kemegahan
Kau tetap jahil di mata-Nya

Biarlah kau menangis tatkala mereka ketawa
Siapa mereka bermegah di bawah sinaran kalimantang
Cahaya itu pasti malap akhirnya..

Monday, April 16, 2012

Siapalah saya... =)

Kata-kata sebait cuma
tapi bisa menular binasa
Laungan malam kelam dunia
Mengganti siang mengundur diri
Dunia, antara putaran roda, langit dan bumi....


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Into the world of ancient Korea...

I've been doing research lately and I managed to find out about some words that has been used during Joseon dynasty.

jeonha- used for King's subjects except the Queen Dowager

jusang- used by Queen Dowager to address the King

daebimama- used to address Queen Dowager by the subjects

jungjeonmama- used by the subjects to address the Queen. (King and Queen Dowager call her jung-jon)

For the titles above, all refers to Your Majesty.

mama-nim - used to address ladies in high positions (Your Highness)

daegam- used to address very high level yangban official. (My Lord)

yeong-gam - used to address yangban. (Sir)

nari- used to address men in higher rank than the speaker. (Sir)

ma-nim - used to address ladies in higher rank than the speaker. The rank is equivalent to nari.

oereushin- used to address old men. (based on age, not rank) [sir]

i-nom - used to address low class people as in "hey, you!" = "i-nom!"

maybe you wonder what is yangban as stated above. Yangban is actually refers to noblemen or high ranking status among the people. In Joseon era, the people were divided into three categories. The highest rank is yangban (noble), followed by yang-in, the commoners[usually they work as farmers, businessmen and artists], and the lowest ranking is chon-in, the slaves.

New interesting facts are going to come soon... For now, annyeong! ^.~

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Treasure that lost...

How to love when there is no heart
How to live when there is no soul
How to cry when there is no feeling
How to talk when there is no thought

     I stop writing on the piece of paper and rolled it before putting it into the fire. June is approaching and I'm going to face new life. How sad that I am going to leave the place..There are too much souls I keep in my heart. I could not bear to be hurt and hurting them, leaving them far away....
     I spent a week of holiday with my family. Not much to be said.. A small celebration, a big preparations. The day finally come. I am going off to the outside world. June had been in my mind. June of 26th.
     I heard him coughing. It has been 3 months. But today, he seems weak. Midnight, I heard someone rushing into the toilet. I went out from my room and saw him coughing terribly, blood rushing through from his nose and mouth. The toilet was full of blood. He was immediately sent to the hospital. The doctor said there is not much time left. But still, I saw how happy he was. 
    I received a call from my sister. "Hey, he's asking for the keropok that you always eat. Can you tell me dear?" Suddenly, my heart sank. The request touch deep into the innermost of my heart. He remembers me in those most critical moments. Opposite, I said "Hey, ask him to concentrate with the medication given... Junk food is not good." Once the phone call ended I sent an SMS telling the keropok brands. Later, my sister call again she bought some keropok but there is none of the keropok brands that I mentioned. My sister lied a little bit telling that those keropok are the ones I always eat and...and... and he smiled brightly. How happy he was on that time.
     It was a beautiful day. He looks happy when I left him for school. Suddenly, I received a call asking me to go back. I rushed and I managed to see him. Tears are falling from his eyes while he's struggling to breathe.  He managed to smile to us to the final moments. The moment he leaves, my heart stopped for a moment but tears are not there to come. I walked slowly to downstairs and went to the back of the house. There, I cried in silence. I lost someone I love.
    I closed the diary. It is time to go. Thinking, so many years passed, but you never leave my heart. You are living and you are never forgotten. May your soul rest in peace. Amen.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Dah siap ke?? Belum~~

Ada 7 contoh lagi nak kena siapkan... otak dah cramp... niat hati masih nak buat.. tapi otak dengan mata cakap dah terlampau penat... kena sambung esok la ni... Apa apapun, selamat malam walaupun hari dah menginjak subuh.... Sedih betul hidup sebagai pelajar ni...

Volcano in my mind...

Honestly, I almost give up. The main reason why I don't have any interest with whatever that appears here. I almost drained up... The tension is almost reaching the most dangerous point. If  I continue to be in this kind of situation, I'm sure I'm really becoming crazy. Conclusion: I can't deny anymore the word of REGRET. I dun care anymore what the hell all this thing about..I just wish that I can run from all this stuff and people... nonsense stuff and nonsense people...

A person on the peak of volcano.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sad =(

I lost one of my earring. It's not so expensive but it is one of the things that I cherish.... My father bought it for me as a present not long ago but now it is nowhere to be found... I really love that earring.. Dear earring, please show yourself to me...I really hope you are somewhere here, near me... ='(

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You make my day! =)

Thank you Hwangbo and Hyun Joong... you guys really give me laughter... Now I can get started with the undone assignments... love both of you two... ^^

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The final goodbye towards the Moon that embraces the Sun

I just done watching the last episode of The Moon That Embraces The Sun. Really sad when most of them died at the end, tragically or innocently. Dowager Empress who was poisoned, the Queen who killed herself due to unbearable pain and loneliness, Prince Yang Myeong Gun who was killed by a tyrant in the process of saving the king, the Head Shaman, Nok Jang who let her life to be offering to the Heavens, taking away all the resentments from the restless souls, and Seol, Heo Yeon Woo's slave that was innocently killed by killers while she was trying to save Heo Yeom, Yeon Woo's brother from being killed... Another sad story of Princess Min Hwa where she was deposed from the title of royal princess, have to severe the tie with the royal family as she was once participated in the spell casted to kill Heo Yeon Woo 8 years ago. Her status was lowered down to a slave. Heo Yeom was sentenced to divorce Min Hwa, give up the title of Uibin and was put to be officers in the Palace. Anyway, the drama ended with happy ending. Min Hwa, once a princess was released from her punishment and became a commoner. Heo Yeom forgave her and they live happily ever after with their child. For Yeon Woo, she become the Queen, the mother nation of Joseon, lives happily with the King and they are blessed with a Crown Prince. THE END~ =')

A memory of The Moon That Embraces The Sun

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PBS/ SBE experience in SK Pangkalan Abai, Kota Belud Sabah

1ST DAY SBE Monday 19/3
My teaching materials
Ready to enter the class
Year 2
Exhausting, frustrating and challenging... these are what I can say... anyway it's my first time handling these kind of pupils... I gained a lot of experience and now I understand, it's NOT EASY to be a TEACHER. Phew... I only can say that in my heart after the class ended. I taught Year 2 for English subject and I'm quite overestimate their ability in reading.. Most of them can't read and don't understand English at all... It feels like I'm not teaching English but more to translating what I read to Bahasa Melayu. Anyway, now I know to teach English to pupils especially in rural areas is not easy and always require patience and compassion in handling the pupils and the subject itself. Although I can't fulfill the expectation based on my lesson plan, at least they learn new vocabularies today and hope they will remember. Thanks to my observer, Intan for helping me to manage the class. Without her, I might drown... =)

Chicken pattaya fried rice
 p/s: To relieve hunger I ate my lunch at Kent cafeteria with Thecla... Both of us are really hungry during that time but I still manage to write down my name using chilli sauce on the top of my pattaya fried rice... hehe

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Deep breath

A reality that I need to accept. There is always a truth that lies within a lie. No more deception please! Breath coming through the nose seems to stuck somewhere. Deep inside, at the end of this piece of heart I accept it. I'm trying not to deceive myself and I'm still trying... I'm on my way to may be slow... it may take a lifetime... but at least I'm not losing hope. Brain and heart, no war please... let's be friend. Eyes, please look into the truth that lays in front, and ears, listen and learn.. Soul, strengthen up...I believe I'm not reaching the dusk of my journey yet...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Flowers.. =D

Searching for the right flower....



Hehe... so many choices but those are the flowers chosen for the time being... Still searching though....

Sunday, March 11, 2012


There are a few things had been discussed. My vote is no as one of them. It's not that we don't want to help, but you are the one who should know how to deal with your life. It's time to be independent. It's time to use your wisdom. I can only guide you with one proverb... "Do you want me to give you a fish or you want me to teach you how to fish?" Please answer wisely.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Again...that question...

Sy malas nak layan soalan ini... cukuplah kiranya dengan jawapan hati ini belum terbuka untuk sesiapa. Disuruh pergi blind date pun rasanya sy malas.. Silap2 haribulan sy lari owh kalau kena paksa pergi... kalau tak pun buat muka bodoh dan menyampah, tunggu dia buat muka terpaksa dan cepat2 pergi. ..haha..jahat kan sy? lol.. sorila... sy tau sy agresif..bertindak pun mengikut hati..jarang2 yg ikut pemikiran. x suka kena paksa. Ditanya soalan ni, mmg jwpn sy melalut...dlm hati, kacau-haru biru! Setakat ni belum ada yg dpt lenturkan sikap degil ni.  Sy tunggu je la dia yg mampu mematangkan diri ini..walaupun sy x pasti bila. belum puas nak enjoy segala muvi dan drama2 terbaru, mendownload.. kalau dah berpunya, ada tanggungjawab yg kena malas....haha... sori ya.. cari la org lain, mcm yg sy kata, sy belum sedia dan malas. jangan memanas... =)


I've just done buying my flight tickets for the holidays throughout the, no need to worry about this anymore. I need to check my email to print out itineraries though... aigoo..malas mo print..haha.. but I just have a thought in mind... will we start the lecture on 2nd of January 2013? It's on Wednesday, I know but will we have any holiday on that day as what had happen this year? nevermind least i have more time to unpack my things.... =)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Snap it and shake it all about~~ [Hokey Pokey style]

Wow, my anger arise for 2 times today.. I can get high blood pressure at the very early age owh if everyday like this. even this week so many issues arise. About class, about school, about creature of what so called 'friend'. hmm..... i better go and shut ears, eyes and mouth. Don't bother.. don't care... so don't blame me if make you as invincible creature... i don't want to put more force to this heart of mine... i need it to live for the coming years you

while im trying to let the pain goes from my legs, i've downloaded a few songs by sara evans..

My heart can't tell you no

A little Bit Stronger

Born to Fly

Those songs are country songs. Nice and give calmness into my heart... 

p/s: I'm not sleepy yet... I wonder how I'm going to use my jeans tomorrow to go back to my hometown.... Those are still aching  and I have some thoughts in my mind about the accidents that occurred to me.. A few years ago, I almost being bumped by a notice board but surprisingly I'm not scared or panic at all... and a few years back before that accident I stepped on a thumbtack and it is fully in my right foot sole... I still remember how emotionless my face while I remove the thumb tack...a year before that, my right back foot skin  almost fully teared while accidentally gliding my foot with the motorcycle middle part of the back tyre... hmm... what are those pains compared to the pain in the heart rite? Only I and God knows... =)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's winter!!!

Im in KKIA T1 and it's winter.. lol... had my brunch if i still can call it that... waiting for my flight that is scheduled to depart at 7.30pm. I hope I'm not frozen today, as what I almost get the previous times I'm here... Bye bye KK. Welcome back Sibu... =)

p/s: I heard what you said. I keep silent so that no argument will spark. Those people who know only to talk and rebel, but not looking at their own weaknesses. Those people who think they are right in any way, but the way they behave is not what a person who knows and worship their religion should do... Is it? haha..ya, I'm weak person... I do wrong, Im not perfect..but are you?? =)

Accident with puzzle

Haha..I don't know how to describe my feelings. I only thought of laughing even though I am in pain.. Yes, my legs bleeds... 5 scars with a few are the long ones. I broke one of my toe nail too. This happened while Im packing my things into the cupboard. I felt funny.. Weird but exciting [i bet you will not believe me, but this is what i] Thank God I'm still in one piece... =)

p/s: oh ya, for the puzzle, we tried to solve it. Can't match it correctly after the accident... haha

Flying free

I'm not perfect. I do wrong. I know...but don't make yourself the only one who knows better in every aspect. Asking me what I should do.. Ordering me to do anything that you ask. I know what I should do..I aware of my responsibilities, I know proper manner too..not only you... Sigh... I know la u r perfect... 'BIG SMILE' =) Maybe only me that felt this way. Maybe I'm too sensitive. but i'm tired lowering myself especially with a person like you..i'm not a small child and not a dumb one...Sigh again...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Im not in the mood of packing....

Yes, Im going back on Friday.. goodbye grass, goodbye class, welcome back home.... Looking at those things near my bed, on my table, under my table, near my table and etc., hmm... nehmind la...i wait till tomorrow... i let future regina deals with it... XD... I havent get the feeling to sleep, further the feel of lullabies. Blame on me.Who ask to watch those spooky videos? Ouch! Off for now, will come back later... annyeongkyeseyo! =)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My nap is ruined... grrr~~~

People said teachers are patient creatures. Know how to manage feelings and do things wisely.. Nah... today I blacklist a person and a place in my heart! Thank you for your nice words ya... =) I'll remember this for eternity.

The stream flows through the hills are clear
But see the stream flows from river
Have you found peace?
Sticks and leaves starts to fall down and flow with the stream
It's forgiven but look
See those wastes from men
The river turns black.
No more beautiful stream, a clear water.

p/s: Sigh... nature of human.. we blame faults on other people. See, trust leaves you.

Enchanted with Bruno Mars? Today My Life Begins =)

I’ve been working hard so long
Seems like pain has been my only friend
My fragile heart’s been done so wrong
I wondered if I’d ever heal again

Ohh just like all the seasons never stay the same
All around me I can feel a change (ohh)
I will break these chains that bind me, happiness will
find me
Leave the past behind me, today my life begins
A whole new world is waiting it’s mine for the takin
I know I can make it, today my life begins

Yesterday has come and gone
And I’ve learnt how to leave it where it is
And I see that I was wrong
For ever doubting I could win
Ohh just like all the seasons never stay the same
All around me I can feel a change (ohh)
I will break these chains that bind me, happiness will
find me
Leave the past behind me, today my life begins
A whole new world is waiting it’s mine for the takin
I know I can make it, today my life begins

Life’s to short to have regrets
So I’m learning now to leave it in the past and try to
Only have one life to live
So you better make the best of it
I will break these chains that bind me, happiness will
find me
Leave the past behind me, today my life begins
A whole new world is waiting it’s mine for the takin
I know I can make it, today my life begins
I will break these chains that bind me, happiness will
find me
Leave the past behind me, today my life begins
A whole new world is waiting it’s mine for the takin
I know I can make it, today my life begins
Today my life begins

p/s: gives me inspiration to change..forget the past, live the present.... i'm still waiting for that day to come...