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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wishes that I hope can be true

I can't imagine how I'm going to face the test tomorrow... i malas ady to revise the kawad2 things... percaya takdir jak la kan... >.< Suddenly I'm thinking about future... ^^

Current status: Still in progress of improving reading skill. Not reading skill for English but Hangul...-.- haha
What I believe: When there is strong will in your heart, you can even overturn the world....

1) can read and understand hangul words, the meanings and the grammar
2) of course to go to the origin of Hangul, South Korea... haha, and buy a lot of hanbok and binyeo... ^^
3) of course I try to complete my study first, later try to complete my wishes. By then, I will try to get serious with lovey dovey things ok? haha [of course, my yeobo is Korean] <---- ada kes perasan sikit sini..haha
4) Keep a lot of money and get whatever things I want or going somewhere I want. [my dream car, my dream house, my dream life ^.~]
5) I can study what I really want and become what I really want. [hope this will not be just a dream]
6) migrate to Korea! [haha, i really wish this is a dream comes true]
7) I wish I can be there for forever.. [if you know what I mean although it seems a little bit absurd to think about]

Monday, April 23, 2012

그날이 오면

 Mi – Should that day comes…그날이 오면

하늘이 우릴 갈라나도
even if heaven spilt us up
난 그대뿐이죠
I only (love) her
세상이 우릴 떼어놔도
even if the world separates us
난 그대뿐이죠
I only (love) her
내 사랑이 그대를 선택한거
my love has chosen her
나 후회 안 해요
I do not regrets
내 사랑이 눈감는 그날까지
until the day our love fades
나 그대를 되찾을  그날이 오면
should the day that I find her back comes
영원토록 그대만 붙잡고 살래요
I want to grab hold of only her and live forever
나 그대 품에 안길 그날이 오면
should the day that I hug her in my arms come
그대 곁에 평생을 살래요
I want to live with her for the rest of my life
그날이 오면
should that day comes…
모두 우릴 두고 욕해도
even if everyone leaves us and swore at us
난 그댈 믿어요
I believe in her
모두 등지고 돌아서도
even if everyone turns their back on us
난 그댈 믿어요
I believe in her
그 누구도 우리의 사랑만은 멈출 수 없어요
nobody can stop our love
그 누구가 우리를 막으려 해도
even if someone tries to stop us
나 그대를 되찾을  그날이 오면
should the day that I find her back comes
영원토록 그대만 붙잡고 살래요
I want to grab hold of only her and live forever
나 그대 품에 안길 그날이 오면
should the day that I hug her in my arms come
그대 곁에 평생을 살래요
I want to live with her for the rest of my life
그날이 오면
should that day comes…
나 다시 태어나도 그대야 해요
I has got to be her even if I was to reborn
죽어서도 그대를 기다리며 살래요
even if I die, I will continue living while waiting for her
나 그대꺼라는 걸 외워두세요
please bear in mind that it has get to be her
저 하늘이 숨을 거둔대도
even if that heaven is to die
그 날이 오면
should that day comes…

Songs which made my heart dugeun dugeun

Some songs from the soundtracks of The Greatest Love and The Princess Man really caught my heart. One of my favourite song is 'I'm loving you today' by Baek Ji Young. This song is one of the soundtracks of The Princess Man.

Another song that caught my attraction is 'If that day will come'

For The Greatest Love, this song is really one of the best song that I ever heard... ^^ The song is Dont Forget Me by Heo Gak...

Too much love for those songs... 
p/s: i'll never forget Cha Seung Won ahjussi... [i should call him ahjussi right? haha]

Release tension...take a break...

 I've just found some funny dialogues in facebook.. Just sharing... ^^
Top 11 Ucapan Lucu & Terkenal Sammy Vellu (Lawak malam)

Berikut merupakan beberapa ucapan beliau yang menjadi kesukaan ramai.
1. Sammy Vellu mengomen tentang PosLaju. ‘Esok kirim, hari ini sampai’
2. Beliau menyatakan rasa malunya dalam sebuah rancangan TV. ‘Ini perkara sangat memalukan saya dan kemaluan saya sangat- sangat besar’
... 3. Dalam sebuah ceramah, beliau berucap. ‘Kita akan bina sebuah jambatan di kampung ini’. Tapi menurut seorang pakcik, ‘Kampung ini tiada sungai, buat apa bina jambatan,’ Datuk Samy menjawab, ‘Kalau tiada sungai, kita bina sungai’
4. Semasa krisis air, beliau berkongsipendapat. ‘Semua orang jangan buang air’
5. Apabila tol naik, beliau memberi komen. ‘Tol naik sikit, banyak marah saya. You ingat ini tol saya punya bapa punya kah?’
6. Semasa kempen derma darah di Sungai Siput. ‘Marilah kite semue menderme dare’
7. Semasa pembukaan majlis. ‘Selamat datang saudara-mara semua…’ (sepatutnya saudara saudari)
8. Semasa merasmikan sebuah majlis. ‘Dipersilakan Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz naik pentas untuk membuka kain’
9. Memberi komen berkaitan isu sosial. ‘Orang- orang mude suke menghisap dade’
10. Semasa kes Al-Arqam kian memuncak. ‘Saya gembira bahawadidapati tiada pemuda MIC terlibat dalam kes Arqam’
11. Menyambut kembalinya angkasawan ke bumi. ‘Kita bersyukur kerana angkasawan kita yang telah meninggal dunia selama 10 hari telah selamat dikebumi’

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Membatasi hemisfera pemikiran..

Kelemahan manusia
Azali ia tercipta
Ungkaplah beribu kemegahan
Kau tetap jahil di mata-Nya

Biarlah kau menangis tatkala mereka ketawa
Siapa mereka bermegah di bawah sinaran kalimantang
Cahaya itu pasti malap akhirnya..

Monday, April 16, 2012

Siapalah saya... =)

Kata-kata sebait cuma
tapi bisa menular binasa
Laungan malam kelam dunia
Mengganti siang mengundur diri
Dunia, antara putaran roda, langit dan bumi....


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Into the world of ancient Korea...

I've been doing research lately and I managed to find out about some words that has been used during Joseon dynasty.

jeonha- used for King's subjects except the Queen Dowager

jusang- used by Queen Dowager to address the King

daebimama- used to address Queen Dowager by the subjects

jungjeonmama- used by the subjects to address the Queen. (King and Queen Dowager call her jung-jon)

For the titles above, all refers to Your Majesty.

mama-nim - used to address ladies in high positions (Your Highness)

daegam- used to address very high level yangban official. (My Lord)

yeong-gam - used to address yangban. (Sir)

nari- used to address men in higher rank than the speaker. (Sir)

ma-nim - used to address ladies in higher rank than the speaker. The rank is equivalent to nari.

oereushin- used to address old men. (based on age, not rank) [sir]

i-nom - used to address low class people as in "hey, you!" = "i-nom!"

maybe you wonder what is yangban as stated above. Yangban is actually refers to noblemen or high ranking status among the people. In Joseon era, the people were divided into three categories. The highest rank is yangban (noble), followed by yang-in, the commoners[usually they work as farmers, businessmen and artists], and the lowest ranking is chon-in, the slaves.

New interesting facts are going to come soon... For now, annyeong! ^.~

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Treasure that lost...

How to love when there is no heart
How to live when there is no soul
How to cry when there is no feeling
How to talk when there is no thought

     I stop writing on the piece of paper and rolled it before putting it into the fire. June is approaching and I'm going to face new life. How sad that I am going to leave the place..There are too much souls I keep in my heart. I could not bear to be hurt and hurting them, leaving them far away....
     I spent a week of holiday with my family. Not much to be said.. A small celebration, a big preparations. The day finally come. I am going off to the outside world. June had been in my mind. June of 26th.
     I heard him coughing. It has been 3 months. But today, he seems weak. Midnight, I heard someone rushing into the toilet. I went out from my room and saw him coughing terribly, blood rushing through from his nose and mouth. The toilet was full of blood. He was immediately sent to the hospital. The doctor said there is not much time left. But still, I saw how happy he was. 
    I received a call from my sister. "Hey, he's asking for the keropok that you always eat. Can you tell me dear?" Suddenly, my heart sank. The request touch deep into the innermost of my heart. He remembers me in those most critical moments. Opposite, I said "Hey, ask him to concentrate with the medication given... Junk food is not good." Once the phone call ended I sent an SMS telling the keropok brands. Later, my sister call again she bought some keropok but there is none of the keropok brands that I mentioned. My sister lied a little bit telling that those keropok are the ones I always eat and...and... and he smiled brightly. How happy he was on that time.
     It was a beautiful day. He looks happy when I left him for school. Suddenly, I received a call asking me to go back. I rushed and I managed to see him. Tears are falling from his eyes while he's struggling to breathe.  He managed to smile to us to the final moments. The moment he leaves, my heart stopped for a moment but tears are not there to come. I walked slowly to downstairs and went to the back of the house. There, I cried in silence. I lost someone I love.
    I closed the diary. It is time to go. Thinking, so many years passed, but you never leave my heart. You are living and you are never forgotten. May your soul rest in peace. Amen.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Dah siap ke?? Belum~~

Ada 7 contoh lagi nak kena siapkan... otak dah cramp... niat hati masih nak buat.. tapi otak dengan mata cakap dah terlampau penat... kena sambung esok la ni... Apa apapun, selamat malam walaupun hari dah menginjak subuh.... Sedih betul hidup sebagai pelajar ni...

Volcano in my mind...

Honestly, I almost give up. The main reason why I don't have any interest with whatever that appears here. I almost drained up... The tension is almost reaching the most dangerous point. If  I continue to be in this kind of situation, I'm sure I'm really becoming crazy. Conclusion: I can't deny anymore the word of REGRET. I dun care anymore what the hell all this thing about..I just wish that I can run from all this stuff and people... nonsense stuff and nonsense people...

A person on the peak of volcano.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sad =(

I lost one of my earring. It's not so expensive but it is one of the things that I cherish.... My father bought it for me as a present not long ago but now it is nowhere to be found... I really love that earring.. Dear earring, please show yourself to me...I really hope you are somewhere here, near me... ='(