Sunday, May 27, 2012

On the way to 1st of June 2012

I came back from my village on last Sunday.. for visiting to our longhouse, as we are not going to spend Gawai there for this Gawai... There are many faces that seems unfamiliar to me... [my cousins's children]'s really a long time I haven't been there.
Barbecuing at our house in Bintangor...there are chicken wings, pork and biawak [i forgot it's english name..hehe]. Having so much fun and I had the opportunity to try Biawak's liver for the first time... My comment: Not bad... =) [quite exotic la the taste..haha] Before the barbeque, my family went to our ancestor's grave site for cleaning while my cousin and I are responsible for the cleaning of the house.. Pheww, so much to clean up but it's a worth... =)
For this Gawai, I'm going to spend my Gawai in Kuching.[previous Gawai was in Miri.. =) ] Hehe... Need to packing again... >.< So, that's all for now... there are many things to be prepared... Yeehaa~~

Friday, May 25, 2012

Unforgettable flight

I went back home today this evening around 7.15. My flight seems to be much earlier than the supposed time, 7.35pm. Well, then inside the plane, we were informed about heavy downpour in Sibu..but I thought it is just an usual one....
8.50pm... the co-pilot informed us that we were reaching Sibu...but, due to extremely heavy downpour and thunder and lightning near that area, we were informed that there are also two other aeroplanes that are flying around 30 miles from the heavy downpour area... and we were going to do the same thing until the weather is much better.
9.15pm... ok, the most heart jumping part. the flight seems shaking quite a lot... and I can see the lightning around the heavy clouds... I only can say.. "Wow.." @.@
9.20pm.... yup, finally the flight landed safely though the rain are still quite heavy... at least I'm safe... I'm glad...

10.30pm... officially at home~
Happy holiday~ ^^

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mumbling on Sunday night

It's hot even after you took your bath, you sweat after a few minutes later.. LOL... gotta start doing the revision rite now though it might not stick inside my head... at least I get to remember some main points.... Gambatehkudasai ne Regina-chan... >.<

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Who are you? It's a big '?'

I found out about this since a few weeks ago. Who is that anonymous? And why that person did that? Why that person never fail to do so? It's weird. I not know who you really are, but it seems you know too much about me... Who are you? It's a big question mark...

Friday, May 18, 2012

Gibberish on summer heat

Hey, I felt this since more than a week ago. It went up to be this chronic stage where I really can't stand it anymore. Why? Becoz I miss my precious sleep.. .
This 'summer' is really really hot. Even nights made my sleep sleepless. I tried many things to cool down, but none last for a long time... I even dream about sleeping in a bathtub full of cold water. @.@ This 'kemarau' things made me feel dizzy and demotivated to do my revision.... >.<
Ok, that's it for now...What a thing for gibberish. [Mode: hot afternoon in not cold at all room]

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ripple effect

Ok, what should I call this... ripple effect?? Regret of gulping down nescafe a few hours ago... My eyes still as bright as owl. Never min... at least I got my sleeping hours during noon time. I tried to recall back what I read and... well... yeah... it's distributing itself here and there... [most of them misplaced themselves in my brain] at least i get the rough ideas prepared for 'cooking session'.
My comment: No good.. >.< [What am I blabbering nonsense here?]
Anyway, goodnight! Annyeong~

Prepared or not... it's a '?'

Happy ending? =) Anyway, congratulation for your achievement. I'm striving too. I might kill my nights and zombie'ing my days... Honestly, no regret for not taking my revision seriously. Lol... I know how powerful the spirit of 'last minute'... haha... PEACE! ^^

Sunday, May 6, 2012

1st day of revision week

Going to class for a few hours and have brunch. Going back to hostel and sleep and now I am awake. Printing and printing... I'm getting bored with this printing tasks with the inks that never ever left me alone in peace... @.@ haha.. anyway, my files are almost ready for revision... need to put some more then it will be done for MQA... not much time left for leisure and there will be a big war coming ahead... [In the mode of familiarizing myself with those exam oriented things. LOL]

Funny little puppets

It is Sunday and I went for lunch. Then I take a walk to a few small stationary stores and I found many rare weird items with very affordable price. Looking here and there but finally I bought these... Cute and funny little puppets.. You just have to push the bottom of the puppet and it will dance.... ^^

Frog... cute right? ^^

lady birds

hen and rooster? hehe

sweet ants

two puppies

here we are... TADAA~~~ ^^

Friday, May 4, 2012

Outing 4th of May 2012

Im having fun today. Watching movie Avenger + Sushi eating (Sushi King). Nice movie...all superheroes combine their power to stop Loki's evil plans... p/s: Thor is handsome as always... haha.. love the Ironman... ^^  . After the movie, we went to Sushi King.. Tadaa...some of the sushi.....

Baby octopus sushi... ^^

Salmon sushi

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Salmon eggs sushi

Sweet tofu sushi

Fried Salmon/Unagi skin

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