Sunday, December 4, 2011

Again, it's about mumbling

     Being a full housewife might sound not that bad, but what is the reason of having high distinction in studies if at the end, the life mostly will be at house after marriage? At least get a diploma or degree or if you like you can get master degree but that's it. You cannot aim high than having that certificates. You may work as you desire but once you step into marriage life, that will be the end of your career. They said, to find a good husband, you must be fully educated. However, I am wondering... what is the use of the knowledge that we gained through our hardships after the marriage if we only sit there and continue the life by managing households? Is the education certifications or achievements just a ticket to get a desirable traits of husband? After that, we can throw it or keep it in the wardrobe for decades, unused? Is it means that once you are married to a decent husband, then fine! go and enjoy your life doing nothing. Be a good wife by being with his side always. Meaning to say, be a typical traditional way of a married woman.  Here is another interesting fact, a son only need to put step one way ahead and they can get high positions in a company whereas for a daughter, she needs to crawl from the bottom and when she reached the professional level, it is still impossible to be acknowledged the same as a son. I am quite disappointed as in this era, such inequality still happens  in society.
     Hmm.... just expressing my thought. Still curious how the life and society evolve around me.


  1. well..
    me too..
    still thinking bout it..
    dunno y people think that 2 b a good wife, must need good education...

  2. sa stres tingu kim tak gu ba time ni peja... haha

  3. jgn ko stress2 sna..xbgus utk ksihatan.. :P