Thursday, January 26, 2012

Recap for The Moon That Embraces The Sun ep 1-6

This is a great love story of a shaman and a king. It is as simple as that. A shaman, Wol was born to a noble family and was given name of Yeon Woo. She was once appointed as the Crown Princess but before she ascend the throne, she 'died'. The Empress Dowager was not pleased with her being the Crown Princess as she had personally selected one of her relatives daughter to be appointed as the Crown Princess but failed as the Crown Prince really wanted a fair selection of Crown Princess. Empress Dowager asked the royal shaman, Jang Nok Young to kill Yeon Woo through black magic so that her plan to kill Yeon Woo is not known by anybody. She succeed. Yeon Woo fell sick and she was advocated from the palace. At this part, yup, it's really sad as the Crown Prince was not allowed to be near or to meet his bride. He cried endlessly while struggling to escape from the royal guards. Yeon Woo later sent to her own house where the shaman secretly met her father. She told Yeon Woo's father to give Yeon Woo a kind of herb soup which will release her soul free from all the evil spirits, in other word, Yeon Woo must be dead. Ok, this part was also really touching as Yeon Woo's father preparing the herb soup thinking that he will kill his own daughter. He prepared the soup personally and send it to Yeon Woo. He held Yeon Woo in his arms while comforting Yeon Woo that the herb will soothe her pain. Yeon Woo who seems to know that she will die, looked deeply towards her father and drank the herb soup. For her father, it was unbearable. He started to cry. Later, Yeon Woo said that she was so sleepy and her father told her to sleep. She died peacefully in her father's arm and by that moment when the tears falls from Yeon Woo's eyes, her father wailed, mourning for her death. As she died, Empress Dowager was very happy because her plan was successful. Her selected Crown Princess is now return to Palace but she never get any attention by the Crown Prince. He mourns for her moon, Yeon Woo. A few years passed and now the Crown Prince has become the King of Korea. He deserted his Queen and is very passionate with political matters.
Now, in episode 6, they grew up as adults. The story just started to be more interesting as Yeon Woo  came back to life, thanks to the shaman but she lost all her memories about past. She grew up as a shaman too but she use another name known as Wol. Im waiting for episode 7. It will surely be more and more surprising, enchanting and interesting. =D

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