Monday, July 16, 2012

Queen In Hyun's Man... must watch!! =D

So far, this is the best drama I watched in 2012, ...I love how the plot of this drama being carried out... it's not the same storyline as other dramas... love, one sided love, three people fighting for love or whatsoever... it's a story of true love indeed. Beware, your heart might feel frustrated or impatient while watching this drama... it's all due to eagerness to know what the fate will be for two people who are lost in time, memories and death... In confusion of what I am saying? well, you better check it out for yourself...

"the last wish I want to have is to remember you; i may forget or this letter may disappear forever, but if you have a chance to read this letter in the future, I pray that you will never know that the one I mentioned in this letter is you" - Kim Bong Du

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