Thursday, December 6, 2012

this is a story of history of life

it's been quite a long time i did not write anything here. :)

today i learn about the history of my family. it's very interesting. It sounds like a drama but it really occurred though. I listened and enchanted by the stories of how their heartbreaking life brought us to what we are now. having to learn about this, i have concern on our relatives from great great grandma side in Hong Kong. are they, the what so-called long line of relatives still exist? if it is not, are their descendants still remember on how their ancestors separated during the critical era and emigrated to other country in the hope of finding better future? it makes me think, on how life always create awesome stories within it. :)

p/s: about the communist story, i still can't stop smiling and laughing while thinking about it. *wink~

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