Monday, May 6, 2013

the answer.

i was in shock and i am still. i dont know what should i give as the most appropriate answer for the proposal. This thingy is too fast and so sudden. It made me think more than 10 times and what i realised was i am too scared. accepting means im going to take very big responsibilities and accepting any negative probability. i rejected for a few times and should i keep rejecting? should i be the bad person? this heart is too weak to be able to put trust to anybody.
looking at this and analyzing it, it looks like it will be difficult path to go through. it seems to be impossible to do. or am I the one who lacks courage?

can i throw this opportunity and enjoy my youth? one thing that i know is that im not ready and i dont know when i will be ready.

please lost hope and go away. u put me into dilemma and taking the risk of f.i.l.
I'm sorry.

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