Thursday, September 1, 2011

An afternoon filled with dramas and movies

I spent my whole afternoon watching television without falling asleep... hehe... i'm wondering if I can spend my whole afternoon for assignments without falling asleep [i only can dream of it... XD]  There are a few movies that I watched. One of it is regarding Hari Raya  and another one is about a guy stranded on an island... [some sort like Robinson Crusoe] His name is Azam... He's really positive-minded but what impress me more was how come there is a chicken and a few eggs near the beach of the isolated island and there is also a knife???? haha...nevermind, that's not the main point of the story.. As long I can get the meaning of independence that the movie tried to convey, that will do... =) After that, I continue my afternoon with a drama entitled 'Kekasihku Puyu'. I watched this drama since last Tuesday. I'm attracted with the title of the drama actually. It's a nice drama. There is a bad old woman cursing a  daughter of a rich businessman into a puyu fish. And the story continues with a young man from a village, unemployed and decided to be a farmer. He found the cursed puyu and to make the puyu to become it's actual form, he needs to find 7  types  of  pure water. And for todays episode, the puyu turns back to human form.. and the drama ends at this for today. Wee~~It is such a long time I didn't watch Malay dramas... I love the feeling.. =)  After that, at 5pm I watched Susuk movie with my mum. Yup, I watched it before at Medan, Tuaran while I'm eating tom yam, I guess... and surely at night..haha...LOL.. before,I always spend my dinner at Medan watching the movies there.. Love it... =)  I can't watch it until the end bcoz I need to get ready for dinner.. Anyway, it's a fun afternoon with my beloved TV and of course with my family... Last but not least, emmm.. I can recall back my almost forgotten Bahasa Melayu... =)

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