Sunday, May 27, 2012

On the way to 1st of June 2012

I came back from my village on last Sunday.. for visiting to our longhouse, as we are not going to spend Gawai there for this Gawai... There are many faces that seems unfamiliar to me... [my cousins's children]'s really a long time I haven't been there.
Barbecuing at our house in Bintangor...there are chicken wings, pork and biawak [i forgot it's english name..hehe]. Having so much fun and I had the opportunity to try Biawak's liver for the first time... My comment: Not bad... =) [quite exotic la the taste..haha] Before the barbeque, my family went to our ancestor's grave site for cleaning while my cousin and I are responsible for the cleaning of the house.. Pheww, so much to clean up but it's a worth... =)
For this Gawai, I'm going to spend my Gawai in Kuching.[previous Gawai was in Miri.. =) ] Hehe... Need to packing again... >.< So, that's all for now... there are many things to be prepared... Yeehaa~~

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