Friday, May 25, 2012

Unforgettable flight

I went back home today this evening around 7.15. My flight seems to be much earlier than the supposed time, 7.35pm. Well, then inside the plane, we were informed about heavy downpour in Sibu..but I thought it is just an usual one....
8.50pm... the co-pilot informed us that we were reaching Sibu...but, due to extremely heavy downpour and thunder and lightning near that area, we were informed that there are also two other aeroplanes that are flying around 30 miles from the heavy downpour area... and we were going to do the same thing until the weather is much better.
9.15pm... ok, the most heart jumping part. the flight seems shaking quite a lot... and I can see the lightning around the heavy clouds... I only can say.. "Wow.." @.@
9.20pm.... yup, finally the flight landed safely though the rain are still quite heavy... at least I'm safe... I'm glad...

10.30pm... officially at home~
Happy holiday~ ^^

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