Friday, August 17, 2012

Listening to the sound of clock

White coffee... sorry, I gulped the coffee ady... haha..
It's the last day of my SBE. What a day as today we spent only around 30 minutes at the school. But, don't worry.. I have prepared the letter and has been given the permission to go back early. After that, rush rush rush and finally we set off to KK at almost 9am. Reach at KKIA at around 10am and check in. Eat my brunch and now I'm currently at Merrybrown, waiting for my departure. I feel very sleepy and I bought a cup of white coffee.. Thank God, now I feel energized... I don't have enough sleep yesterday...approximately 3 hours but I will redeem it by tonight... Can't wait to be at my room... @.@

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