Sunday, September 2, 2012

Camping 27-30th August 2012

I'm back... I've been busy lately with my UB camping starting from Monday to Thursday. Well, the camping is fun though it was very tiring to the center of my bone. It was a great time to get to know people better and yes, to let myself have some exercises. There are many moments that I think I will not forget to the end of my life.. And hey, now I have achieved something valuable from the camp.. Never lose hope. I really in the merge of losing hope while Kembara activity. Just imagine to walk for more than 12 km and without enough water in a very hot weather... @.@ Not only that, there are blisters on both of my feet and its painful every time I step on the road. Anyway, I'm glad I was able to get through this moments.
  Tired? Yes, extremely. I was too tired to the extend of no appetite to eat. Feel sad everytime I have to throw unfinished food, but what to do as if I force myself to eat more, I might end up vomiting. The third and the fourth day of the camping, I can feel the urge to get rest. I started to lose my focus and I still remember how bad my focus was during the marching practise. Everything seems out of order and my mood unstable. However, the most important thing is I survived this camping. After the camp, I really spend most of my time to sleep. But now, I have another problem. I havent started my coursework... Oh damn! >.<"

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