Friday, February 17, 2012

Once upon a time...

Dear once upon a time
Send my gratitude to someone far away
I cant reach but you will..
This is the heart, saying the charms

Be my wings, and let me fly...
As the world is round, there is no end
Once in cold, you'll be my fur
Covering me, saviour from cold

Through desserts we go
You'll never let thirst comes
You'll be my jacket through thick torn bushes
Bruising your flesh, stepping on thousand thorns.

As I fall deep and I break my limbs
You'll be my limbs
How ferocious, how tedious I will be
But you will be my happy

So, listen once upon a time
When I reach there
I'll thank you for your kindness
For saying my gratitude and letters from heart
From past to the future
To thy whom far but now together

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