Friday, February 17, 2012

Recalling my leisure time

I've done reading a novel by Anchee Min, Empress Orchid. I've done some research after I read it and I found out that the main character in the novel is Empress Dowager Ci Xi who once ruled China. She was born to a Manchu clan called Yehonala and was given a name as Orchid. Her father died when she is still young, almost being married to her crippled cousin, but saved by fate to be a concubine of the Emperor of China. She was favored by the King and always being consulted by the King to help in government affairs. Nice novel. Although the novel is based on true story in history, Anchee Min was able to make the details of the story being lined up carefully, fully detailed and alive in such a way that the readers will always anticipate what will happen next...

Now, I'm reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. It is one of my favourite. It tells me how difficult and sad to be born as a woman in Chinese society and the need of perfect foot binding... telling me step by step on how they break the bones, keep forcing the girls to walk although the pain were overwhelming and form the feets to be 'Golden Lily' feet. I heard there is a movie based on this novel. I really want to watch the movie, but I will wait until I've done reading this novel. Heartbreaking, joy, love, all are mixed to make this story line a brilliant art.

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