Sunday, April 15, 2012

Into the world of ancient Korea...

I've been doing research lately and I managed to find out about some words that has been used during Joseon dynasty.

jeonha- used for King's subjects except the Queen Dowager

jusang- used by Queen Dowager to address the King

daebimama- used to address Queen Dowager by the subjects

jungjeonmama- used by the subjects to address the Queen. (King and Queen Dowager call her jung-jon)

For the titles above, all refers to Your Majesty.

mama-nim - used to address ladies in high positions (Your Highness)

daegam- used to address very high level yangban official. (My Lord)

yeong-gam - used to address yangban. (Sir)

nari- used to address men in higher rank than the speaker. (Sir)

ma-nim - used to address ladies in higher rank than the speaker. The rank is equivalent to nari.

oereushin- used to address old men. (based on age, not rank) [sir]

i-nom - used to address low class people as in "hey, you!" = "i-nom!"

maybe you wonder what is yangban as stated above. Yangban is actually refers to noblemen or high ranking status among the people. In Joseon era, the people were divided into three categories. The highest rank is yangban (noble), followed by yang-in, the commoners[usually they work as farmers, businessmen and artists], and the lowest ranking is chon-in, the slaves.

New interesting facts are going to come soon... For now, annyeong! ^.~

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