Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wishes that I hope can be true

I can't imagine how I'm going to face the test tomorrow... i malas ady to revise the kawad2 things... percaya takdir jak la kan... >.< Suddenly I'm thinking about future... ^^

Current status: Still in progress of improving reading skill. Not reading skill for English but Hangul...-.- haha
What I believe: When there is strong will in your heart, you can even overturn the world....

1) can read and understand hangul words, the meanings and the grammar
2) of course to go to the origin of Hangul, South Korea... haha, and buy a lot of hanbok and binyeo... ^^
3) of course I try to complete my study first, later try to complete my wishes. By then, I will try to get serious with lovey dovey things ok? haha [of course, my yeobo is Korean] <---- ada kes perasan sikit sini..haha
4) Keep a lot of money and get whatever things I want or going somewhere I want. [my dream car, my dream house, my dream life ^.~]
5) I can study what I really want and become what I really want. [hope this will not be just a dream]
6) migrate to Korea! [haha, i really wish this is a dream comes true]
7) I wish I can be there for forever.. [if you know what I mean although it seems a little bit absurd to think about]


  1. LIVE YOUR DREAM! work on it and u shall deserve it just right :)

  2. sehari selembar benang...lama-lama menjadi kain jua kan... ^^