Sunday, March 4, 2012

A brief comeback... ^^'s quite a long time I havent update my blog and now Im going to do it. Contrary with the title, I'm going to talk about Jade Palace Lock Heart or known as Gong, a mainland drama. I've just done downloading all episodes of this drama. It took me 2 months though... >.<" At last, I managed to get it done. Phew~ but I'm still on my way to download a few more dramas.So, for that one, left it aside first. 
  Talking about Gong, I can assured those who love romantic comedy and historical dramas, this drama should be in your list. Some said the storyline is quite similar to Hana Yori Dango, emm...well, it might be yes for me as there are four guys who fall in love with the lead actress. Qing Chuan came from 21st century. She time travelled to the reign of Qing Dynasty on her engagement day. She won a beauty contest and she was brought to the Crown Prince, the 2nd Prince of China. Qing Chuan was supposed to sleep with the Crown Prince but she was able to escape from that disaster by using her great thinking skills. Qing Chuan, a clever woman, but later trapped in dimensional love triangle between the 4th Prince who will later become the Emperor Yong Zheng and the 8th Prince, Yin Si, the greatest competitor of the 4th Prince. The rest of the story, you can unveil by yourself.

8th Prince,
handsome rite? XD
Gong 2
I just find out about the second season of Gong 2. No more time travelling but it is more about the love triangle between the Emperor Yong Zheng and 2 women, if i'm not mistaken. Anyway, it's just released in January and ended in the end of February. So, the eng sub might be released quite late..Still, it's in my list. =D

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