Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PBS/ SBE experience in SK Pangkalan Abai, Kota Belud Sabah

1ST DAY SBE Monday 19/3
My teaching materials
Ready to enter the class
Year 2
Exhausting, frustrating and challenging... these are what I can say... anyway it's my first time handling these kind of pupils... I gained a lot of experience and now I understand, it's NOT EASY to be a TEACHER. Phew... I only can say that in my heart after the class ended. I taught Year 2 for English subject and I'm quite overestimate their ability in reading.. Most of them can't read and don't understand English at all... It feels like I'm not teaching English but more to translating what I read to Bahasa Melayu. Anyway, now I know to teach English to pupils especially in rural areas is not easy and always require patience and compassion in handling the pupils and the subject itself. Although I can't fulfill the expectation based on my lesson plan, at least they learn new vocabularies today and hope they will remember. Thanks to my observer, Intan for helping me to manage the class. Without her, I might drown... =)

Chicken pattaya fried rice
 p/s: To relieve hunger I ate my lunch at Kent cafeteria with Thecla... Both of us are really hungry during that time but I still manage to write down my name using chilli sauce on the top of my pattaya fried rice... hehe

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