Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My nap is ruined... grrr~~~

People said teachers are patient creatures. Know how to manage feelings and do things wisely.. Nah... today I blacklist a person and a place in my heart! Thank you for your nice words ya... =) I'll remember this for eternity.

The stream flows through the hills are clear
But see the stream flows from river
Have you found peace?
Sticks and leaves starts to fall down and flow with the stream
It's forgiven but look
See those wastes from men
The river turns black.
No more beautiful stream, a clear water.

p/s: Sigh... nature of human.. we blame faults on other people. See, trust leaves you.


  1. Replies
    1. but i hope not to the extend of judging people without strong basis... heart can hurts..

  2. once contaminated, forever ugly. it's hard to build up the trust again. i guess they shouldnt diretly point finger to us w/o proper investigations.. so sad... very sad :((

    1. yeah..i agree with you... this whole thing really ruined my wednesday afternoon...