Thursday, March 22, 2012

The final goodbye towards the Moon that embraces the Sun

I just done watching the last episode of The Moon That Embraces The Sun. Really sad when most of them died at the end, tragically or innocently. Dowager Empress who was poisoned, the Queen who killed herself due to unbearable pain and loneliness, Prince Yang Myeong Gun who was killed by a tyrant in the process of saving the king, the Head Shaman, Nok Jang who let her life to be offering to the Heavens, taking away all the resentments from the restless souls, and Seol, Heo Yeon Woo's slave that was innocently killed by killers while she was trying to save Heo Yeom, Yeon Woo's brother from being killed... Another sad story of Princess Min Hwa where she was deposed from the title of royal princess, have to severe the tie with the royal family as she was once participated in the spell casted to kill Heo Yeon Woo 8 years ago. Her status was lowered down to a slave. Heo Yeom was sentenced to divorce Min Hwa, give up the title of Uibin and was put to be officers in the Palace. Anyway, the drama ended with happy ending. Min Hwa, once a princess was released from her punishment and became a commoner. Heo Yeom forgave her and they live happily ever after with their child. For Yeon Woo, she become the Queen, the mother nation of Joseon, lives happily with the King and they are blessed with a Crown Prince. THE END~ =')

A memory of The Moon That Embraces The Sun

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