Friday, March 9, 2012

Snap it and shake it all about~~ [Hokey Pokey style]

Wow, my anger arise for 2 times today.. I can get high blood pressure at the very early age owh if everyday like this. even this week so many issues arise. About class, about school, about creature of what so called 'friend'. hmm..... i better go and shut ears, eyes and mouth. Don't bother.. don't care... so don't blame me if make you as invincible creature... i don't want to put more force to this heart of mine... i need it to live for the coming years you

while im trying to let the pain goes from my legs, i've downloaded a few songs by sara evans..

My heart can't tell you no

A little Bit Stronger

Born to Fly

Those songs are country songs. Nice and give calmness into my heart... 

p/s: I'm not sleepy yet... I wonder how I'm going to use my jeans tomorrow to go back to my hometown.... Those are still aching  and I have some thoughts in my mind about the accidents that occurred to me.. A few years ago, I almost being bumped by a notice board but surprisingly I'm not scared or panic at all... and a few years back before that accident I stepped on a thumbtack and it is fully in my right foot sole... I still remember how emotionless my face while I remove the thumb tack...a year before that, my right back foot skin  almost fully teared while accidentally gliding my foot with the motorcycle middle part of the back tyre... hmm... what are those pains compared to the pain in the heart rite? Only I and God knows... =)


  1. solve the puzzle... wakakaka :D

    happy holiday mate. enjoy it. forget campus life for a while.

    1. happy holiday to you too.... ya... campus life is so suck.. see you after holiday! =D