Thursday, March 8, 2012

Flying free

I'm not perfect. I do wrong. I know...but don't make yourself the only one who knows better in every aspect. Asking me what I should do.. Ordering me to do anything that you ask. I know what I should do..I aware of my responsibilities, I know proper manner too..not only you... Sigh... I know la u r perfect... 'BIG SMILE' =) Maybe only me that felt this way. Maybe I'm too sensitive. but i'm tired lowering myself especially with a person like you..i'm not a small child and not a dumb one...Sigh again...


  1. what a week.. many issues arise.huhu.. rileks mate. emotional week before holiday i guess >.<

    1. bole dpt darah tinggi owh kena issue2 begini sekali gus dlm 1 minggu... betul ckp ko try sabar jak... kalu tingu sa diam2 muka moody, jgn kacau la ah..nanti kena tempias.... XD